What mistake did the HR people realise in recruitment ?



Q.  What mistake did the HR people realize in recruitment ?

Ans: The HR people realized, mistakes were happening when people were recruited based only on marks. They realised that candidates with 'good marks' were not qualified for 'work'. They also realised that some candidates who scored good marks did so because of good 'memory' rather than intelligence. In some cases, it was just luck. What they studied was asked in the exams.

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Ans : The HR department recognized that relying solely on academic marks for recruitment led to errors. They understood that high marks didn't always translate to job proficiency and that some candidates excelled due to memory, not intelligence. Occasionally, luck played a role when exam topics aligned with their studies.

Important points

Ans :

1. **Recruitment Mistakes**: Hiring solely based on academic marks led to errors in candidate selection.
2. **Work Qualification**: Good academic marks did not necessarily translate to job qualification or suitability.

3. **Memory vs. Intelligence**: Some high-scoring candidates relied on memory rather than true intelligence for their achievements.

4. **Luck Factor**: Luck played a role in some candidates' high marks, as the content they studied coincidentally appeared in exams.

These insights prompted the HR department to reconsider their recruitment approach, emphasizing qualities beyond academic performance to ensure better alignment between candidates' abilities and job requirements.

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