State the view of Hollywood actor Will Smith about 'talent'.


Q.  State the view of Hollywood actor Will Smith about 'talent'.

 Ans: According to the Hollywood actor Will Smith, „talent‟ is what we got naturally. We get skill by hours and hours on beating on your craft. 

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Ans : Hollywood actor Will Smith's view on talent is famously summarized in the following quote:

"Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft."

In this quote, Will Smith emphasizes that talent might be something innate, but true skill and mastery in any field come from relentless practice, hard work, and dedication to honing one's craft. He believes that talent alone is not enough; it's the effort and time invested in developing skills that lead to success and excellence.

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Ans :

Certainly! Here's a simple breakdown of Will Smith's view on talent and skill:

- **Talent:** According to Will Smith, talent is something we have naturally. It's like a natural ability or gift that we possess.

- **Skill:** On the other hand, skill is not something we are born with; it's something we develop over time. We gain skills by putting in a lot of time and effort, like spending hours and hours working hard on improving our craft.

In essence, Will Smith believes that talent is a starting point, but it's the dedication and hard work in practicing and refining our abilities that ultimately lead to acquiring valuable skills and achieving success in our chosen field.

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